Colocasia esculenta 10
Colocasia esculenta 1

Colocasia esculenta
(Elephant Ear)
USDA Zone: 10A - 11
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Origin: India
Type: Medium Shrubs; Herbaceous

Typical Height: 4’-6’
Typical Spread: 3’-6’

Growth: Fast
Drought Tolerance: Low
Salt Tolerance: Low
Wind Tolerance: N/A
Foliage Color: Green
Flower Color: Green
Flowering Season: Summer and Fall
Flower Feature: Insignificant
Light Needs: Medium - High
Nutritional Needs: Medium
Human Hazards: None
Family: Araceae
Propagation: Division
Leaf Type: Simple
Texture: Very Coarse
Environmental Issues: None

Typical sizes at the nursery:

Typical planting distance:
42” O.C.

Common Uses: Foundation planting, mass planting, around the trunk of a tree or palm, informal hedge, border
Category: Medium Shrubs
Notes: Bold heart shaped tropical foliage; edible tubers;

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Colocasia esculenta 
(Elephant Ear)

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All Landscape Data, Inc.
October 2013
City of Miami Beach
Florida USA

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