Roma Spout
Roma Spout
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Laguna Hills, CA 92653
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Anthony 'Tony' Wyatt

“The only thing more soothing than the flow of water is the peace of mind that comes from quality you can trust”

Roma Spout – Private Residence, Tiburon, CA
By: Mill Valley Garden Design

Amid the large grounds of this private residence, imagine stepping down to your own private space of tranquility with the sound of flowing water and the sight of this handsome custom fountain. A small place to retreat and reflect within your own backyard. Note the subtle shades of aqua tile, offset by the center backplate of dark blue contrast, which highlights the antique brass finish of the Roma spouts. While the Roma spout is small in stature, utilized in a multiple array, the spouts provide a sufficient flow of water to create that soothing “ahh” sound that only flowing water can produce.
Designed by Doug Lee of Mill Valley Garden Designs in Mill Valley, CA.

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